■the history of RED SHOES


Red Shoes has a long history.
It first opened on the corner of a street in the still quiet
Nishi-Azabu on the 5th of December, 1981.
It quickly became the hot spot among the cultural front liners of the
time, gathering together artists from many fields.
A fierce red room
with a big drawing of “Raijin・Fujin” on the wall, Red Shoes was a
place for good drinks and authentic Chinese cuisine.
Movies & music videos played on the screen endlessly, while rock music
played in the background. Or, if you wanted to listen to something
special, you could request your favorite songs from the rock’n’roll
jukebox by the entrance.




The odd combination of “Raijin・Fujin”, the drinks, and the Chinese
food created a unique atmosphere, but it was Red Shoes’s connection to
the music that drew the musicians in, not just from Japan but from all
over the world.
At times, it was the place to party at the end of a gig, at other
times it was the place musicians went to when they wanted to drink
‘til dawn with their friends.
Many big names from overseas, such as the The Rolling Stones, David
Bowie, Todd Rundgren, Japan, Bryan Ferry, David Byrne etc. enjoyed
their private time at Red Shoes.Sadly, Red Shoes closed its doors, much to the dismay of its patrons,
in 1995. However, the dream remained alive and on the 5th of December
2002 (the date the original Red Shoes opened in 1981), Red Shoes
opened it’s doors again, this time in Minami-Aoyama.With the spirit of Red Shoes revived, it has once again become a hub
for musicians and artists to get together, to drink and party, and to
showcase their talent.When artists around the world talk about Tokyo, they talk about Red
Shoes. Red shoes is THE social hub for rock music, musicians, and
artists from around the world. There is no other place like it in




“Raijin・Fujin”is a national heirloom drawn on to golden folding screen by the hand of a gifted painter Tawaraya Sotatsu during the Edo Period.
“Raijin・Fujin”in Red Shoes is reproduced by painter hideaki tsubouchi.
Drawn on a big block board with brush,it’ll knock you down with impact that overwhelms the original.
It was passed on from the former owner and has become a sort of guardian angel of the Red Shoes.



■Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood is, of course, the guitarist of The Rolling Stones.
After playing in the band “Faces” with Rod Stewart, he joined The Rolling Stones and has been playing for more than 30 years.
He is also famous as a painter, and this drawing’s motif is the album“Beggars Banquet”. He came to Red Shoes three times.
This was lend out when Red Shoes revived by the band Easy Walkers bassist Fire, a biggest stones freak, in hope that many more will enjoy it.



ロッド・スチュワートとのバンド、フェイセズを経てストーンズに参加。 30年以上、ストーンズでプレイしている。
レッドシューズにも、3度来店。画家としてのロニーも有名で、これはアルバム「ベガーズバンケット」がモチーフ。 レッドシューズが復活した際、ストーンズフリークのイージー・ウォーカーズベーシスト、ファイアーが、多くの人に見てもらいたいとレッドシューズに貸し出してくれたもの。

■Jim Lambie


Jim Lambie is an artist from Glasgow, Scotland.
He is one of the artist that represent U.K. who was the representative of Scotland at 2003 Venice Biennale and was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize.
This drawing’s motif is Primal Scream’s album“Dirty Hits” which he designed.
Jim loves Red Shoes. When he came to Japan in December 2008 for the exhibition at Hara Museum, he gave us this drawing as a gift.
It is a great treasure of Red Shoes.